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Kronos. Leader of the Titans. Defeater of the Sky.

Drown in a huge yet touch sensitive wall of fuzz. Flip a switch for anything from staticky chime to oppressive mass. The world is yours to rule with the 9 settings spread between these two toggles. The only knobs here are for Gain and Volume. Kronos is more versatile than makes sense and gets more intense than you imagined.

Built by caring hands in a Cascadian basement.

If you are not happy with any production model pedal, you can return it within 14 days of your purchase for a full refund (not including shipping). Custom orders can not be returned. While there is no warranty included with your purchase, I will gladly do my best to repair any pedals that break due to normal use. If repair isn't possible we will figure something out. I want everyone to enjoy their happy little rectangles.

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