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Grit Spitter

Grit Spitter


Bend the tone! Spit the Grit!

Everyone makes a Tonebender eventually, here's mine. The Grit Spitter is a silicon fuzz with every mod I deemed worthy, resulting in a highly variable and extremely aggressive tool. In addition to Volume and Attack, I've added a slew of controls to further shape your sound. Body and Shape bend the interactions between gainstages. Bias and Starve twist and pinch the available power this device has to work with. With everything except Starve maxed, Grit Spitter serves up a modern take on the familiar full throated shouts of its lineage. Back off Body and Shape, push up Starve, and feel everything from shrill screams and pseudo filters to forced pitch bends and a wannabe bass synth.

If you are not happy with any production model pedal, you can return it within 14 days of your purchase for a full refund (not including shipping). Custom orders can not be returned. I will gladly do my best to repair any pedals that break due to normal use. If repair isn't possible we will figure something out. I want everyone to enjoy their happy little rectangles.

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