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Once upon a time there was a pedal said to perfectly Percolate the Harmonics of anything one might play through it. But what is this?! Although identical, the individual units could wildly fluctuate from one another! The Albinis of the world have since developed a fondness for particular variations, but what if you had every version smashed together in a single box?

The Chimeric Percolator is exactly that versatile abomination. There is a knob or switch anywhere possible providing both of the most famous sound profiles as well as anywhere in between, and many extremes far beyond!

This pedal is about exploration and requires a unique approach. Think of it like this, each control changes a specific part of the circuit and the sound is but a byproduct, hence the vague labels. There are many settings that yield "unmusical" sounds, but that's the cost of this level of flexibility. It is a mad science experiment that allows you unfettered access without any knowledge of electronics. The knobs are extremely interactive but supremely rewarding. This beast fights back but don't be afraid. Dive in, take your time, and check out some recommended settings as a starting point.

Each batch will be adorned with art of a different mythical muddle of beasts. I thought it best to begin with its traditional namesake, a lion-goat-serpent assemblage. We will see what sort of creatures the future holds.

If you are not happy with any production model pedal, you can return it within 14 days of your purchase for a full refund (not including shipping). Custom orders can not be returned. I will gladly do my best to repair any pedals that break due to normal use. If repair isn't possible we will figure something out. I want everyone to enjoy their happy little rectangles.

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